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she gave him her heart


Hunter’s Home

By joram nathanael 


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"i used to like losing myself in things, until i got lost in you and never came home"


Hit me harder why don’t you


i just wanna kiss your forehead and bury my head in your chest and draw little hearts on your skin with my fingertips until we fall asleep


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Westfield Swampby liquidblackstar

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im liz, probably one of the chillest girls you'll ever meet. if i dont like something youre doing, i will be completely straight up with you and tell you how i feel. i don't believe in hating people, i hate drama. i love making new friends and making people happy. i promise you if we become friends i will always be there for you, and you can always come crying to me if you need to talk to someone. i have had some shit happen in my life, i know how it is and it sucks, but it will get better if you really try to make it. if you get all the bad people out of your life and actually try to be happy, it will happen. i didn't believe it, but now i do because i'm happy with my life. Don't get me wrong, i have some shit going on but fuck it, i have to keep my head up and ignore all the bullshit. i'm in love with my bestfriends, i don't know where i would be in life without them. i'm going to be a pediatric nurse one day, and even though it's hard as fuck already, i can't wait to help people
everyday. i can't wait to impact all my patients lives.. and they're families. i don't know myself very well yet, but everyday i'm becoming a better person. i don't want to grow up anymore, i wish i could restart life, and know what i did wrong before, but i can't so i have to live with what i have and live life to the fullest. please, if you ever have anything wrong and you need someone to talk to, message me or text me, and i will help you as much as i can.

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